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  • why press brake need a crowing system

    The compensation system can effectively compensate the deflection deformation of the bending machine. Using the compensation system on the upper beam or lower beam can ensure the consistency of the bending angle in the whole length.

  • Stainless steel mirror polishing process and method and requirements

    Stainless steel polishing process can be divided into two parts: polishing and light out.The two-part processes and methods are now summarized as follows:

  • Operation Steps of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    The program stops during the execution process During the execution process, when non-machine tool emergency stop alarm or stop button stop, after eliminating the alarm and reset the alarm button on the main operation panel. If the console should better press "RETRACT" to raise the Z axis, and then

  • How to Adjust The Optical Path of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Laser cutting is the laser beam through the focus mirror into a small light projection to the metal surface, the focus to achieve a high power density, when the material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature, evaporation to form a hole, with the beam and the material relatively linear mo

  • Operation Procedure For Bending Machine

    Warning: 1, overhaul any part of the hydraulic system, must be conducted by skilled personnel after a complete understanding of its principles and performance; 2 The maximum operating pressure of the hydraulic system is 26 MPa.If the working pressure exceeds the rated or maximum pressure, it can damage the mechanical parts and cause irreparable damage. This parameter has been adjusted at the factory, so random adjustment is not allowed.

  • Bending Pressure Comparison Table For Free Bending

    The given data has been calculated based upon bending material with a tensile strength of δb =420 MPa over a length of 1m.

  • Guidance Specification For Selection Of Bending Lass Mold

    4.1 Often used are 88 ° (R1), 30 ° / straight knife (R1/R0.5), 88 ° (R1), 88 ° (R1/R0.5) and flat mold, and special upper knife mold.4.2 Lower modes include: single / double V lower modes, angle of 30 ° and 88 °, V4,V 6,V7,V8,V10,V12,V16,V25 (mm) 4.3 Selection of the machete mold is generally based

  • Reference Table For Press Brake Bottom Die

    The reference table is used for the bending mold.

  • Correlation Between Bending And Grooving

    Traditional bending process is under the pressure of the upper and lower die of the bending machine, using the two edges of the lower die opening and the top edge of the upper die to bend the sheet metal, the sheet metal through the process of elastic deformation to plastic deformation. The bending

  • 2mm Thin Plate Welding Deformation Causes

    Stainless steel sheet in the welding process, often easy to be welded deformation, caused by a number of reasons, want to control the deformation in welding, first need to understand the impact of welding methods on welding deformation.Most welding methods need to take into account the production ef

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