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Correlation Between Bending And Grooving

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Traditional bending process

Traditional bending process is under the pressure of the upper and lower die of the bending machine, using the two edges of the lower die opening and the top edge of the upper die to bend the sheet metal, the sheet metal through the process of elastic deformation to plastic deformation. The bending angle is determined by the depth of the upper die into the lower die. Today's society, people's requirements for the shape of the workpiece is increasingly high, some complex shape of the workpiece using the traditional free bending, bending machine bending and even three-point bending process has been unable to bend, and the traditional bending method can not control the radius of the bending corner size, it is difficult to achieve the process requirements of bending without marks. Therefore, an emerging bending process - planing groove bending process came into being.

Traditional bending process-1

From the bending process, it is known that the size of the radius of the edge of the workpiece after bending and the thickness of the plate is proportional to the relationship, the thicker the plate, the larger the radius of the arc formed by bending. After V-shaped grooving of the sheet metal, the remaining thickness of the sheet becomes half of the original, or even smaller, so that the radius of the edge of the workpiece after bending can be significantly reduced. And because the remaining thickness of the plate at the bend after grooving is thin, the deformation force during bending will be reduced accordingly and will not spread to affect the unbent area, so there is no crease on the surface of the workpiece after bending, and because the plate thickness at the bend is thin, the pressure required for bending is reduced to avoid the risk of indentation on the decorative surface. This can meet the metal decoration of hotels, banks, commercial centers, airports and other high-grade places, the workpiece edge radius small, no surface crease, decorative surface without indentation process requirements.

CNC bending machine

Traditional bending process-2

In the bending process, the required bending force of metal sheet and its thickness is proportional. The greater the thickness of the sheet metal, the greater the required bending force, the required equipment tonnage is also increased accordingly. V-shaped planing groove in the sheet metal bending before bending, so that the remaining thickness of the sheet is greatly reduced, so that the required bending force will be correspondingly reduced, so that the thick plate can be bent on a smaller tonnage of bending machine. This reduces the investment in equipment and saves energy and space.

How to avoid deviation of bending angle and size

Traditional bending process-3

For the bending process, the bending forming good or bad mainly depends on the bending angle and size of these two important parameters. When bending, in order to ensure that the bending forming size and angle, you need to pay attention to the following aspects of the problem.

(1) the upper and lower die tooling is not centered, will lead to errors in bending size, bending before the need to adjust the upper and lower die tooling centering.

(2) after the backstop block left and right position movement, the relative position of the plate material and the lower die may change, thus affecting the bending size, bending before the need to re-measure the backstop block position distance.

(3) the workpiece and the lower mold parallelism is not enough, will cause bending back, affecting the bending angle, bending before the need to measure and adjust the parallelism.

(4) a bending angle is not enough, the second bending will also be affected, the accumulation of bending errors will lead to increased workpiece forming size and angle error, so it is particularly important to ensure the accuracy of single-sided bending.

(5) bending, the size of the lower die V mouth is inversely proportional to the bending pressure, in the processing of different thicknesses of sheet metal, you need to select the appropriate lower die V groove according to the provisions, generally choose 6 to 8 times the thickness of the plate is most appropriate.

(6) workpiece in the planing V-slot bending machine after bending, to ensure that the upper die edge, the bottom edge of the workpiece V-slot and the bottom edge of the lower die V-slot in the same vertical plane.

(7) When bending the workpiece after planing the groove, the upper die angle is best controlled at about 84° in order to prevent knife clamping.

The planing groove process as a new processing technology in the bending process, is the result of market selection. With the continuous development of the process technology, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for process personnel. As a craftsman, we can only make better products by mastering each processing process; only by constantly exploring and pursuing new processes can we produce even better products.

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