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How To Increase Laser Cutting Machine's Efficiency

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how to increase laser cutting machines efficiency 

1, the higher the output power of the laser, the better the quality of the cut in the same thickness of the plate cutting effect. The higher the laser cutting mode fits the material, the better the cutting quality.

2, the laser cutting focus on the right, the cutting accuracy and precision to meet the requirements.

3, laser cutting is suitable for cutting thin plates, in the carbon steel below 12mm and stainless steel below 6mm cutting effect is obvious, the best quality, and the efficiency can be guaranteed. For example, in the material thickness <1mm, the material kerf is extremely smooth.

4, no matter what kind of laser cutting materials, if you can make the cutting speed and the material to achieve the best match, then the cutting effect is the best at this time, too fast and too slow will affect the effect of laser cutting.

5, the higher the pressure, the higher the purity of the gas, the less dross the material adheres to, the smoother the cutting mouth. Gas type is different, the speed and effect of cutting is different. In general, the fastest cutting speed of oxygen, the best cutting effect of nitrogen, the lowest cutting cost of air.


6, in general, the flatter the surface of the material, the better the quality of the cut. Laser through independent research and development, has an automatic induction system, which can automatically adjust the height of the cutting head according to the different thickness of the material.

According to the requirements of the processing process, set the exact cutting program.

Fiber laser cutting machine also needs to do a good job of daily maintenance, usually at work, but also to strengthen the understanding of all aspects of the machine and continuous learning, to facilitate the future if you encounter small problems, then you can use the fastest speed to solve, so that you can maintain in place, so that the fiber laser cutting machine has a longer service life. This will also help the fiber laser cutting machine to cut different shapes of patterns, which is required in the manipulation of different cutting processes, laser cutting machine to set the optimal cutting program to work. As an advanced cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine can often be efficient, and quality to 

complete the metal plate or pipe cutting work.

how to increase laser cutting machines efficiency2

However, in order to maximize the cutting efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine, then we also need to accurately operate and is a good maintenance fiber laser cutting machine to do.



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