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Operation Procedure For Bending Machine

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1.Introduction of equipment composition and system structure


bending machine

Figure 1. Structural composition 



bending machine


Figure 2. Panel diagram of the electric control box

bending machine

Figure 3 front panel diagram Figure 4 pedal switch pedal diagram

The keyboard board contains the following keys:

◎ 10 digital keys (0-9); ◎ decimal point; ◎ positive and negative number; 
◎ clear key to clear parameter values; ◎ confirmation key, used to confirm the input value;   ◎ arrow key, used to select various parameters; 
◎ stop key, (including status indicator LED light); ◎ startup key, (including status indicator LED light)

Figure five front panel description

bending machine

Note; Press the corresponding button to indicate at the top of the screen that the corresponding mode will be performed. See the instructions for specific operation and programming.

Figure 6 Display description

bending machine

Fig. 7 Plate material bending pressure gauge

2.Use of safety precautions

2.1Pre-work inspection

Whether the movable operating parts of the 2.1.1机 device, such as slider and rear gear, are parked at the last shutdown;

Whether the limit switches and stroke switches of the 2.1.2机 device are loose, and whether the state is normal;

Whether the power switch, emergency stop button and each control part of the 2.1.3机 electric system are in good condition;

Whether the appearance of exposed wires such as cable pipe grounding protection wire of 2.1.4电 gas system is intact;

Whether there is oil leakage in 2.1.5液 pressure, lubricating pipe joints and other exposed parts; whether the pressure gauge of the system is in good condition;

Whether the safety protective devices such as the protective cover of the 2.1.6 device are intact;

Whether the control, adjustment wheel and handle of the 2.1.7机 device are intact;

2.1.8 Check whether the bolts, bolts, nuts, fixing pins and other fasteners that should be fastened at all parts of the machine are loose; (attention should be paid to distinguish between fasteners and adjusting screws, etc.)

2.1.9 Current problems should be dealt with in time, and problems that cannot be dealt with should be notified to relevant personnel.

2.2Work preparation

The 2.2.1 grid shall abide by the safety operation procedures and wear labor protective equipment according to the regulations;

2.2.2 To see whether the lubrication parts of the machine need lubrication. If required, fill the lubricating oil (grease) according to the requirements of the instructions;

2.2.3 See if there are other persons or sundries, such as tools, waste materials, in the travel range of each movable operating part, and, if any, it must be removed;

2.2.4 recognizes whether the working ability, mold size of the machine and the processed workpiece are suitable;

2.2.5 electric oil pump, hear if there is abnormal sound. After the equipment starts by air for 1 ~ for 2 minutes, travel on the skateboard 2~3 times. If there is abnormal sound or fault is found, stop immediately, eliminate the fault and work before everything is normal;

2.3 Notes in the operation

.12.3 The pressing parts shall be placed in the middle of the upper and lower modes and parallel to them smoothly. Do not repair or adjust the mold during operation;

.22.3 Two people (or above) should operate at bending over 1.5 meters long, to avoid dumping during loose pressure due to force deformation, and not allowed to be pressed at close range;

.32.3 When bending, the operator is prohibited to put his hands between the production mold, narrow, long and small materials are prohibited from directly supported, hand clamp can be used for auxiliary operation;

.42.3 Only one piece of material is allowed to be bent at a time, and multiple pieces are not allowed to bend at the same time;

.52.3 When the machine tool works, the station person is not allowed at the rear of the machine tool;

.62.3 If the mold is found incorrect during operation, stop and correct. It is strictly prohibited to correct by hand in operation to prevent hand injury;

2.4 Notes after work

.12.4 Before turning off, put the upper and lower mold symmetry cushion under the oil cylinder in a wooden block or lower the upper mold to the bottom of the lower mold port;

.22.4 Adjust valve and pressure gauge. If adjustment is necessary, it shall be carried out under professional guidance;

.32.4 When adjusting the mold or overhaul, the power supply must be turned off to ensure safety;

2.4.4工 should clean the machine tool, clean up the surrounding working area, and put the workpiece in the specified position.

3.Use the operating steps

3.1 Order of boot button

① Rotate the electric control box key switch clockwise; press the electric control box white power switch (white switch bright); press the green start button (green start button bright); press the front panel with green circle start button; press the foot switch left pedal "up" lift the upper pedal (the higher the pedal); put the bend into the bend mold groove; start bending (parameter set according to the material bending pressure sheet)

3.2 Bend, take and cleaning

① step on the right pedal "down" of the foot switch to bend; step on the left pedal "up" to lift the upper module, remove the workpiece; press the red button to stop operation, press the green start button; close the electric box switch button, then dial the key switch counterclockwise to "0" for power off; clean the equipment.

4.Emergency response

In case of emergency or emergency like abnormal noise, jam and smoke during operation, stop the equipment operation immediately by pressing the emergency stop switch button (the operating lever, control panel and electric control box are closed according to the nearest principle), turn off all equipment switches and report to the equipment management personnel; when the emergency stop switch occurs, cut off the power immediately after turning off, maintain the site and report to the leader.

5.Equipment maintenance and maintenance

5.1 Mechanical lubrication

Lubricate the rear gear and the torsion shaft of the main rail mechanical retaining adjustment device as required. The lubricant adopts N46 industrial lubricant, No.2 calcium-based or lithium-based grease, as shown in Fig. 8 (diagram of lubrication parts of machinery).

.15.1 Rear gear: straight guide rail (2), wire (2), require grease once with oil gun; bearing (4) once every June;

5.1.2 rails are rectangular rails (2) with lubricant injection 1-2 times a week.

5.1.3 gear adjustment device: worm reducer replaces lubricating oil once every December; block limit wire applies lubricating oil once every June, and bearing (4 places) injects grease once every June.

5.1.4force axis: at rotating shaft 4 of middle connecting plate, 2 axes at both ends, inject grease once for each shift.

  • bending machine

① retaining (8) Main rail (2) mechanical block adjustment guide rail (7) torsion shaft (6)

Figure 8 Lulubrication drawing of machinery

Note: Stop lubrication lubrication lubrication lubrication lubrication lubrication must lubrication points!

5.2 Maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic system

5.2.1 pressurized oil replacement

Regularly check the cleanliness and deterioration of the oil. The cleanliness of oil should be checked regularly quarterly. If the oil turbidity, flocculation, discoloration and odor, stop immediately and replace the oil. The sampling oil is obtained from the oil discharge valve, and the water shall be removed first after sampling. The abandoned hydraulic oil should be properly treated so as not to pollute the environment.In general, the hydraulic oil shall be replaced within half a year after the initial use of the machine tool, and it must be filtered once a year later. In principle, the use period of the hydraulic oil shall not exceed 18 months. The replacement of oil must be replaced at one time, with no residual oil inside the fuel tank. The tank must be carefully cleaned before rerefueling, and when any element related to the hydraulic system is removed, the connection position must be cleaned. N32~N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil is about 500 liters. Specific requirements for oil replacement are as follows:

1. Strictly clean the fuel tank before refueling. It is strictly prohibited to use cotton yarn or cotton cloth for cleaning. Silk cloth or edible flour ball is recommended

2 Refueling must be done through the filter refueling truck of less than 5 μ, and through the air filter oil inlet on the fuel tank cover plate (unscrew the filter cover by hand);

3 When refueling, the height of the fuel tank level should be in the middle and upper position of the level gauge, but not below or beyond the indicated range of the level gauge. During the commissioning, attention should be paid to observe the change of the height of the oil surface. Once lower than the lowest position of the level gauge, the car must be stopped and then the hydraulic oil is added.

10℃5.2.2严 grid control oil temperature, when the oil temperature is lower, heating measures or empty car circulation shall be taken. Cooling measures or shutdown shall be taken when the oil temperature exceeds that.60℃

Check the leakage of valve, valve plate and pipeline in phase 5.2.3定, and replace the sealing ring in time.

When the 5.2.4在 overhaul oil pump needs to release the oil in the oil tank, open the stop valve at the bottom of the oil tank to release the oil. When regularly check the cleanliness of the oil fluid, remove the water in the oil tank from the valve.


1, overhaul any part of the hydraulic system, must be conducted by skilled personnel after a complete understanding of its principles and performance;

2 The maximum operating pressure of the hydraulic system is 26 MPa.If the working pressure exceeds the rated or maximum pressure, it can damage the mechanical parts and cause irreparable damage. This parameter has been adjusted at the factory, so random adjustment is not allowed.

3. When repairing any part of the hydraulic system, the slider must be completely placed in the lower mode groove, and then the lower chamber pressure is zero;

4 The electric oil pump must be turned off during overhaul.

The 5, pressure gauge shall be frequently checked and replaced immediately if oil leakage or damage is found. The pressure gauge must be checked once within a year to be used after it is qualified. When the pressure gauge must be removed, the pressure gauge reading must be zero.

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